8-5-5-5-5-5 Push Press
6 sets of 4/4 DB Box Step Downs
Start a new round of both exercises every 2:30min. First set is warm-up

Three 5-minute rounds of:
200-m DB farmers carry
Then as many reps as possible of:
10 Deficit Push-ups (hands on DBs)
10 DB Squats
Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

Level 1: 7.5/5kg
Level 2: 10/7.5kg
Level 3: 15/10kg


Station 1
2 rounds of increasing effort (1st round @ 50% effort, 2nd round @75%)
1min Row
1min Bike
1min Ski
Rest 1min.

Station 2
Work up to a heavy: Turkish Get-up (each side)

Station 3
EMOM for 8min do:
4 Push Press

Station 4
AMRAP in 8min of:
40m DB Farmer Carry
5 DB Deficit Push-ups (on DBs)
5 DB Squats