8-8-6-6-4 Shoulder Press
5 sets of Max Effort Deadlift Hold (top position) @ Bodyweight
Start every 1:45min one of the exercises (alternating)

AMRAP in 3min of Renegade Rows (incl. Push-ups) @ tough load

Rest 2min

AMRAP in 3min of Power Clean + Push Jerks @ moderate load


7min ON / 2min OFF:
Station 1
4min Row Fish Games
Rest 1min
2min Bike increase effort accross the 2 min.

Station 2
EMOM for 6min do:
3 Power Cleans + 5 Push Press

Station 3
Build a heavy set of 8 Chinese DB Rows

Station 4
For time of:
100 Jumping Jacks
100 Mountain Climbers
100 Split Jacks
100 Squats
Time cap: 7min.

Station 5
Accumulate 1min L-Hang / Scale: Knee Raise Top Hold
Rest 1min
Do multiple attempts of 3-Position Front Squat Isometric Hold
(Start the the bottom and hold each position for 6 seconds)