36min @STEADY PACE of:
3 rounds of, every 4min do (3:45min of WORK / 15sec. to SWITCH):
AMRAP in 90sec. of Double DB Clean + Jerk
Remaining time Cals on Bike @ STEADY RECOVERY PACE
Max time Handstand Hold / Advanced: 15-20m Handstand-Walk
Remaining time Cals on Row @ STEADY RECOVERY PACE
AMRAP in 90sec. of Single KB Front Rack Box Step Overs
Remaining time Cals on Ski @ STEADY RECOVERY PACE

Note: Pick the load so that you can move steadily through the 90sec.


Station 1
8 Min. on the Ski Erg
Start at Damper 3, go up every Minute

Station 2
EMOM for 8min do:
1) 16 Floor Wipers
2) 30 Superman Rocks

Station 3
AMRAP in 8min of:
30sec. Handstand Hold
12/9 cals Row

Station 4
EMOM for 8min:
3 Power Cleans


Bar pull-over: introduction and technical coaching

AMRAP in 10min of:
3 x Bar combo: T2B – PU – CTB
3 x HS combo: HSPU – negativ HSPU – wall walk
3 x Ring/box combo: dip – l-sit hold 5‘‘ – support hold 5‘‘