5-5-5-5-5 (Weighted) Pistol Negatives @40A1 /per side
5 sets of 8/8 KB Snatches
Start every 1:30min one of the exercises (alternating)

AMRAP in 13min of:
7 T2B
6 Pull-ups
7 Good Mornings @ empty barbell
6 Squat Jumps with empty barbell


7min ON / 2min OFF:
1: Ski, Row, Assault Bike or Bike
10m Spider Crawl
10m Broad Jump
30 Split Jacks
3: Ski, Row, Assault Bike or Bike
10 Hip Extensions
10 Weighted Sit-ups
2 Wall Climbs

Focus on device:
1min Damper 5
1min Damper 7
1min Damper 10
(finish with Damper 5 again)


7min ON / 2min OFF:
Station 1
Run 800m
Rest 1min
Run 400m

Station 2
Build up to a heavy set of 8 Good Mornings

Station 3
EMOM for 7min do:
6/6 KB or DB Snatches

Station 4
AMRAP in 7min of:
10 Pistols to box (5 per side)
2/2 Single Leg Burpees
10 Banded Shoulder Presses

Station 5
Multiple rounds of:
Max effort Handstand Hold
Rest 1min